Latest Amazon - Bangalore, October 17, 2012 Based on Candidate experience


I attended amazon interview on October 17th in Bangalore. I would like to share my experience and the interview questions.

I round was online written technical test.

-There were 20 MCQ and 2 programming questions
-Each correct answer carried 1 mark and -0.25 for a wrong answer

-Programming questions were,

1. Write a program to find the difference between the sum of nodes at odd height and the sum of nodes at even height.

2. Given an array of integers representing coin values and the sum required. find the number of coins required to get the sum.

4 Technical rounds.

-Various programming questions related to data structures were asked
-Each round was an elimination round

-Questions asked were,

1. Write a program to traverse the tree in spiral form in O(n) time.(Hint:use two stacks)
2. Program to implement atoi function
3. Program to swap the k th node from end and kth node from front
4. Program to find loops in linked list
5. Find the maximum length palindrome in a string
6. Difference between process and thread
7. Advantages and disadvantages of thread and process
8. Test cases for checking binary tree
9. Test case for atoi function
10. Test cases for finding loops in the single linked list

-Each technical round was for 60-90 minute duration
-There was no HR round

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