Latest Amazon Placement Paper – Chennai 2016

1. Find an element in the array following the condition  a[i] =i.

int arr[] = {0,1,3,5}
output = 0 0r 1

2. Find out elements which is not duplicate in the given array.

Int arr[] = {1,3,5,7,1,3,5}
Output = 7

3.write a function that returns the element which is having maximum occourance in the given string

Char input_str [] = "the things are thin"

So it will returns "t" as it's occourance is 3 times.

4. Algorithm

5. How to rename all the files at the given directory from .jpg to .jpeg.

6. Write a script which reverse the given string x = "the pen is mine" the output is mine is pen the.

7. I want to delete a file in 1000 hosts.1000 host names are provided.

8. Copy a a file form one host "amazon.chennai" to another host "anazon.bbsr"

9. Print the line from 20 to 30th of a file.

10. Forgot

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