Andhra Bank Latest Placement Papers

(1) An amount of Rs. 50176 is distributed equally amongst 32 persons. How much amount would each person get?
 (a)  1555        (b) 1478    (c) 1460         (d) 1568    (e) None of theses

(2). If an amount of Rs. 1,72, 850 is equally distributed  amongst 25 people, how much amount would each person get ?
 (a)  8912.50        (b) 8642.50    (c)  7130        (d) 6914    (e) None of theses

(3). 999.99 + 99.99+9.99=?
 (a) 1109.99    (b) 1019.89    (c) 1108.99    (d) 1099.88    (e) None of these

 (4) 11.6 x ? = 899
(a) 77.5    (b) 78.5    (c) 79.5    (d) 81.5    (e) None of these

(5) What is 25% of 50% of    rd of 630 ?
 (a) 36.5                   (b) 52.5        (c) 45.5        (d) 68.5     (e) None of these

(6) Shilpa spent 8% on School fees, 25% on rent and 17% on furniture. 25% of the remaining amount was spent on medical bills and the remaining Rs. 6000 was set aside for investment. How much money did she spend on rent?
 (a) 3750         (b) 6000        (c) 4000        (d) 3250     (e) None of these

(7)    What is the interest received on a principal of Rs. 450 for 2 year if the interest received on Rs 1 after one year at the same rate of simple interest is Rs. 0.40 ?
 (a) Rs. 90          (b) Rs. 180    (c) Rs. 36 (d) Can not determined       (e) None of these

(8) What would be the compound interest obtained on an amount of Rs. 1250 at the rate of 8 per annum after 2 year?
(a) Rs. 200         (b) Rs. 208 (c) Rs. 212    (d) Rs.  220       (e) None of these

 (9)     Mohan bought a watch with 25% discount on the selling price. If the watch cost him Rs. 1545, what is the original selling price of he watch?
(a) Rs.2050     (b) Rs. 2000    (c) Rs.2040    (d) Can not determined      (e) None of these

 (10)     The owner of an electronics shop charges his customer 22% more than the cost price. If a customer paid Rs.10980 for a DVD player, then what was the cost price of the DVD player?
 (a) Rs.8000     (b) Rs.8800    (c) Rs.9500    (d) Rs.9200     (e) None of these

(11)    The average of five numbers is 281. The average of the first two numbers is 280 and the average of the last two number is 178.5. What is the third number?
(a) 488         (b) 336     (c) 228         (d) 464      (e) None of these

 (12)    The average age of 3 friends is 32 years, If the age if a fourth friends is added, their average age comes to 31 years. What is the age of the fourth friend?
 (a) 32 years         (b) 28 years     (c) 24 years         (d) 26 years     (e) None of these

(13)    A sum of money is to be divided among Z,X,Y in the respective proportion of 4:5:6 and another sum to be divided between a and b equally. If Z got Rs. 2000 less than A , how much did X get?
 (a) 10000     (b) 5000     (c) 4000 (d) Can not be determined     (e) None of these

 (14)    The ratio of the present ages of Subham and Karishma is 6:7 respetively. The ratio of their ages 8 years hence would be 8:9 respectivley. What would be the respective ratio of their ages after 12 years? (a) 17:19         (b) 15:17     (c) 9:10     (d) 10:11      (e) None of these

 (15)    15 persons complete a job in 3 days. How many days will 10 persons take to complete the same job?
 (a) 2         (b)    5     (c) 2        (d)    3         (e)   4

(16)    16 men can complete a piece of work in 8 days, in how many days can 12 men complete the same piece of work?
 (a) 10         (b)    9     (c) 10        (d) Can not be determined     (e)   None of these

 (17)  A car covers a distance or 816 kms in 12 hours . What is the speed of the car?
 (a) 60 kmph                  (b) 62 kmph (c) 64 kmph                (d) Can not be determined     (e)   None of these

(18)    A bur covers a distance of 2924 kms in 43 hours, What is the speed of bus?
(a) 72 kmph                  (b) 60 kmph (c) 68 kmph                (d) Can not be determined     (e)   None of these

 (19)    What is called as the main folder on a storage device?
(a)  Platform    (b) Interface    (c)  Root Directory    (d) Home Page (e) None of the above

 (20)    RAM is ———– and —————–
(a) Volatile, temporary        (b) Nonvolatile, Permanent     (c) Nonvolatile, temporary (d) Volatile, permanent     (e) None of the above

 (21)    Application are often referred to as ___________________.
(a) Data files     (b) excitable files (c) system software (d) The operating system (e) None of these

 (22)    A directory within a directory is called_________________.
(a) Mini Directory     (b) Junior Directory     (c) Part Directory (d) Sub Directory         (e) None of these

 Answer:  1. D     2. D  3. E   4. A   5.B   6. C   7. A   8. B   9. E   10. E   11. A   12. B   13. D   14. C   15. E  16. C  17. E  18. C   19. C   20.  A   21. B   22. D

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