Latest Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Bhubaneswar, ITER College, 17 September, 2015

Hi guys. I am Soyam pratap maharathy from iter. Recently TCS conducted our campus drive for three days. The whole process was very long and hectic. Around 1500+students gave written exam but only 1200 students were qualified and taken to interview round.

The interview round was of three types. 

1) Technical.
2) Hr.
3) Mr.

It was random for all students. Not had any idea about how many rounds they had to go through.

Now I am going to share my personal experience of my personal interview.

INTERVIEWER: Good afternoon. Soyam. Take you seat.

Tell me about yourself.

ME: I introduced it nicely. As I was well prepared for it.

INTERVIEWER: Ok tell me why you want to join IT sector, you being an non it student?

ME: Sir I don't think it's entirely a different field. Even we simulate electrical circuits using matlab and xilinx software. So I have I knowledge of programming. It all. Depends on the project I get and I get where my skills are strong. Definitely I have a plus point from others.

INTERVIEWER: Tell me how to display all 5 digit palindrome numbers on screen without writing logic.

I had no. Idea but tried to tell something. Then he asked to swap two numbers without a third variable.

And this time I. Did it correct.

INTERVIEWER: Suppose you are the leader of a project having 4 boys and 1 girl. How will you manage the team?

I tried my best to give him what he wanted to hear. But he was not convinced.

Now was something I never expected such type of questions.

INTERVIEWER: You must have heard the story of hare and tortoise. Say who had more desire to win the race.

ME: I said hare.

Then it got interesting.

INTERVIEWER: If hare had more desire to win the race. Then why did he lost?

ME: I said because of overconfidence and undermesting his competitor.

INTERVIEWER: Ok tell me what is commitment and competency?

ME: I was almost correct but he corrected me and made me know their actual meanings.

INTERVIEWER: If you have to chose between commitment and competency what will you go for?

Does actually slow and steady wins the race?

So my interview went like this. No technical no HR.

At last 850 students got selected. And I was happy to get a chance to be a part of TCS.

Now it's celebration time. Mama papa no more you need to buy dresses for me. Now it's my time to give you everything.

Love you all. 

TCS rocks.

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