4 January 2016

Latest Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Vellore, Nov, 2015

Hi all,

First Round of TCS is an online test. There is NEGATIVE MARKING. So be careful. Attend only the questions you know. There are 2 sections.

30 questions from quants.

1 from verbal. This section deals with email writing. You will have to write email from given words. This is not much difficult.

Quants consists of 30 questions. It is moderately difficult. You will have to practice from previous year question papers. It is important to understand concepts than to memorize them. The concepts involved are,

1. Speed and distance.
2. Completing work (2 men complete work in 3 days, 1st can complete in 5 days, How many days will 2nd take?like tat).
3. Heights and Distance.
4. Mensuration (volumes of cones, cylinders. ).

After that I was called for interview. The interview panel consisted of three members. They were all cool people. Some question are.

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What is array?

3. What is pointers?

3. How will you convert binary no to decimal?

4. What is ALU?

Since I mentioned DS in my resume I was asked questions from ds.

5. What is Datastructures?

6. Queue and stack?Diff b/w them?

7. Practical appln of queue and stack?

8. Layers of OSI model.

9. Diff between router and switch.

10. Diff b/w C and C++. What is it all together called as? (OOPS).

11. Diff b/w if else and switch.

12. About Project.

13. Finally they gave me a problem and asked it to solve in any lang. I solved the problem using if else.

Don't fake your resume. You must be clear about the concepts that you putin resume.

Be confident. Answer whatever you know. It's ok if you don't answer few questions.

I was selected. :-). All the best all.

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