Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Ahmadabad Nirma University Set On campus, 17th October 2015

Hi Guys,

TCS came to our college on 16,17th October. First there was an Email writing test and after quants. Total time allocated was 90 mins, 10mins for email writing and 80min for quant.

For Email writing just use all the phrases given with proper addressing and signing and make sure you don't make any spelling mistake.

In Quant, there were total 30 questions. (Difficulty Level- High).

For Quant, Just refer Campusgate website and practice all the questions as most of the questions will be repeated or the values will be changed.

Note- There was negative marking too, So don't just bluff.

Around 210 were short listed from 900 students.

17th October Interview.

There were total 3 rounds followed by Technical Mr and Hr

As I was From IT background (MCA) so my interview was Technical.

Formal Introduction.

Then they asked me about my academic projects, basic OOPS Concepts, difference between run time Polymorphism and compile time Polymorphism, method overriding, difference between C and C++, access specifiers, use of super keyword, inheritance, use of abstraction.

Then Basic Question on DBMS like use of joins, primary key, foreign key, normalization.

Then they gave me 3 subjects from which I need to choose one-

1) Networking.
2) Software Engineering.
3) Operating System.

I chose Software Engineering.

- Then she asked me about SDLC life Cycle and different models.
- When to use waterfall model and when to use spiral model?
- They gave me a scenario and told how will you face such problem.

Then They asked any questions?

Tips :- Just clear your basic Oops Concepts & Be precise with your resume only include what you know.

My Technical interview went about 30 minutes after 5 minutes I was called for MR Round.

Again Formal Introduction as I mentioned I love playing lawn tennis, he asked me about my favourite player and related questions on it.

Then asked me about my strengths and latest IT trends.

Mr round went for around 10 mins.

After 30 min, I was called for Hr round.

Again formal introduction, are you trying to reallocate, told me if you are aware of the service agreement.

That's all. This is my whole interview experience. I hope this will help.

On 19th October results were declared and I was selected :)


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