Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, 02 sept 2015

Hai everyone,

There are 4 rounds in TCS.

1) Written test.
2) TR.
3) MR.
4) HR.

I am from SRKR Engineering College. In our college around 750 are attended for written test in that nearly 700 are qualified from Written Test. And the next is technical round all the CSE and IT students should be thorough with all the subjects there are no boundaries to our questions.

As I am from IT background, the interviewer asked me many questions from computer networks, java, database, big data, hadoop, software engineering and only one question from C language. They interviewed me more than half an hour.

And other than the CSE and IT should be thorough with C, Java languages. And thorough with the programs and you should be in a position to give an explanation to that program if an interviewer asks generally they will not ask.

The most important thing that you must be confident with your answer sometimes the interviewer may confuse you, whatever if you are confident you must stick to your answer that shows your confidence levels. If you did any projects its better to keep in your resume. I'm currently doing a Android project so I had kept it in my resume. The interviewer asked me to explain your project.

I explained it.

After completion of TR I was directly promoted to HR without MR.

In HR, I was asked a few simple questions.

Tell me about your education.

What are the trending technologies ?

Remember that always give the reason to your answer for example if an interviewer asked what are your strengths?

Don't give one word answers. Explain your answer with a perfect example so that you may not get any cross question.

Finally, I got selected in TCS.

Thank you IndiaBix. This website helped me alot.

All the best guys.

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