Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Lucknow, October 28, 2015

Hello guys,

I am Prabhat Omer from department of IT, BBDNITM Lucknow.

I want to share overall TCS campus recruitment process so that you could find it useful for your preparation.

DAY 1: 28th Oct 2015

Email: 10 min.

More than 10 phases and you have to use them exactly in the same tense. 

Aptitude: 80 min
No of questions 30.
Level of questions: below avg, avg.

Trick: The only trick is that cover all simple questions. And then try to solve tough questions. If you are confident then mark ans since their is negative marking also. If you are confident that around 20-22 questions are correct the your aptitude round is cleared.

If you are in top 5 of your branch then you are eligible only for Email writing. Their will be no any aptitude round for you and you are free from a mega elimination round. But don't think that email writing round is easy. I am also in top 5 so their is no Apti round for me. (Thank god).

Result declared around 6 PM.

Day 2:

Technical round:

Prepare 2 subjects like OS, DBMS, DAA, DS, SE. I prepared many subjects since I was in top five so my interview will be very tough but opposite happened.

Preparation list:

OS, DBMS, Networking (basics). Java, C (Important) you must prepare at least one object oriented programming language.

Data Structure (Basics: array linked list, sorting algorithm, storage classes).

Questions asked in my interview.

1: Tell me something about yourself?

2: Access modifier in C and Java?

3: OOPs concepts in Java.

4: What is output (x-a)(x-b)(x-c).......(x-z)=? ans=0

5: What happen when a ball is dropped into a hole that is in earth from one end to another and isolated?

6: What is difference between i++ and ++i?

Duration of my interview was 10 min.

Managerial Round:

-> Again tell me something about yourself?
-> Questions related to your personal life.
-> What you have done in last 6 months?
-> Tell me about some new technology? (big data and project)

Duration 10 min.

HR round:

-> Tell me something about yourself that is not in CV?
-> What is your dream?
-> What is your passion?
-> In passion and job what will you choose?
-> Will you leave job for your passion?
-> Do you have any problem related to location?
-> Do you know about TCS 2 year bond?

Duration 10 min.

Preparation list.

-> Email.

-> Aptitude.

CS/IT students:
2 subjects
Project details
You must able to validate all the information written in CV.
2 programming languages.
Information about TCS (market, running projects, asset cost)

-> Good communication skills.

-> Presence of mind.

Some important Questions:

1: How a computer starts?
2: Difference between hub,router and switch?
3: OSI layers.
4: Difference in TCP n UDP?
6: Find second highest salary?
7: Telnet, FTP, Digital signature?

These questions are very important. So if you are not good in communication so try to practice in front of mirror.

All the best!

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