Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Kolkata 3rd September 2015

Hello friends.

Our placement drive was from 3 september 2015 to 6 September 2015.

I was from CSE from Netaji Subhash Engg College (Techno India Group).

I had to give aptitude test which held on 3 Sept at 11:00pm. Maximum questions were from Campus Gate and m4maths. Apart from that there were some questions which were moderately tough. I did about 23 questions and heard that the cut off was high about 20. Luckily I got selected. The Technical + HR was on 6 September. We had to report around 10 am but my interview started around 7pm.

TR :

He asked me about my projects, hobbies, areas on interest, programming languages I know.

Then he asked me about Structure in C and told me to write one.

Then he asked to write a program of string reverse and binary search and its time complexity.

I answered all the questions correctly and with perfection and went to HR.

HR : he asked my family background. Then why computer science. TCS bond.

Problem in relocation kind of stuff.

I answered them.

Guys, just maintain eye contact and put a smile on your face while answering which shows confidence. And last but not the least answer confidently even if you are answering wrong say it confidently. They will try to hesitate you but you should remain still on your answer. And in the case you don't know the answer just say : "Sorry sir/mam I am not aware of this term / concept".

And Don't lose your temperament.

That's it guys.

Our results were declared on the next day at 11:00 am.

I got selected and very happy. All the best. Thank you.

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