Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - GKV, HARIDWAR, 15 OCT, 2015

Hi everyone,

I am Ashish Kumar. I am from GKV HARIDWAR. Today I am gonna share my TCS interview experience. TCS came in my college for campus drive on 15 Oct. It was two days session.

On first day there was a first round based on online test. There were two sections in online Test.

1-> Email Writing.

2-> Aptitude.

There were 201 students appeared in online test. But at last 138 students could qualify this round.

I wanna give a suggestion for this round. First clear your basic concepts. For this just go through R.S. AGRAWAL. After that solve questions from www.campusgate.co.in You will find atleast 40% questions directly from this site. Also do practice for email writing from this site.

Next day there were three rounds.




I had cleared first round. So I was eligible for next three rounds.

Interview process started at 10:00 AM. When my name was announced for TR, I was feeling very nervous because It was my first interview.

ME: May I come in sir?

TR: Yes come in.

ME: Good afternoon sir. May I sit?

TR: Yes.

ME: Thank you sir. Actually he was doing something on his laptop. He told me, "Just feel relax and take water. "I took water and said again thank you sir.

TR: Tell me about yourself?

ME: Introduced myself well.

TR: Checked my resume and said you are good in database. So tell me what is normalization?

ME: Defined well.

TR: What is 3rd normalization form?

ME: Told. He also asked me a question from 1NF I answered.

TR: Write a query to count total records from table?

ME: I wrote the query with example.

TR: Write a query for copy data from one table to another table?

ME: Told.

TR: Write query for delete a whole table while structure of table unchanged?

Me: Wrote Down.

TR: Difference b/w truncate and delete?

ME: Told.

TR: What is trigger?

ME: Sorry, I don't know.

TR: Write down some functions in SQL?

ME: Wrote 6 or 7 SQL functions.

TR: Difference between function & structured procedure?

Me: Told.

TR: How many values we can return from a function?

ME: Told.

TR: Do you want to work on database?

ME: Yes sir. But sir I write code in java.

TR: What is Interface in java?

ME: Told.

TR: What is pointer? What type of pointers in C?

ME: I answered both questions with explanation. He smiled and said good.

TR: You have completed so many projects but you have no live projects why?

ME: Actually Sir I have finished my minor project recently that's why I could not. But he did not satisfies with my answer.

TR: Why should I hire while here there so many students with live projects?

ME: Actually sir I have required knowledge and skills for this job and soon I will make a new live projects with my team members. But again he did not agree with me.

TR: Can you work in night sift?

ME: Yes sir.

TR: Again asked me my favorite subjects and said, "You can leave now".

ME: Answered and said thank you sir.

After my TR I felt relax because I answered all questions. After 5 minutes they called me for MR.

MR: Tell me about yourself?

ME: I introduced myself well, about my family, and about my past education and my achievements.

It was just formality round he asked some more questions about my family background. But all was simple. After this he told me you can leave now.

After facing two rounds I was feeling very relax. I was sure that I will be selected and waiting for HR. After 20 minutes they called me for HR.

ME: May I come in Sir?

HR: Yes come in and take seat.

ME: Thank you sir.

HR: Yes Ashish, tell me something about yourself and about your family?

ME: I told him all and when I said that I was topper in 10th and as well as in 12th. He Smiled and impressed and said continue. I told him about my family.

TR: Have you any problem with relocation?

ME: No sir.

He asked some more general questions. And at last said you can go now for today. I said, thank you sir.

At last when all processes have been completed they said, "Result will be announced at 10 PM by email".

I felt very happy after showing my name in the list of selected students. It was awesome movements. 52 students were selected among 138 students at last.

I want to say for all that feel confident. They come for hiring you not for rejecting you. So be positive and just go through basics for C, C++, JAVA, DBMS.

All the best for all! Now It's your turn.


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