Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Kakinada, October 19,2015

Hello everyone. I am a student of Pragati Engineering College. Recently, TCS visited our college where 237 members cleared written test and 72 final selections were made. Firstly, I was having my technical round followed by HR round. Only eight students were promoted directly to HR from TR and I am the one among them.

Firstly, I have to thank INDIABIX since it is only because of IndiaBix that I am able to answer each and every question confidently. To be frank, I started to live in IndiaBix from the past few months. Thank you JOBTODAYINFO. :).

In my TR round, there were two interviewers. One was doing something on computer (x) and the other gave me permission to come in (Y).

Me: May I come in sir (with a smile).

Y: Yeah come in (with a huge smile).

I wished both of them and I was asked my resume.

Y: Introduce yourself?

Me: Done.

Y: Asked some questions on C.

Me: Told most of them and later I was asked a program for which I told that I was just perfect with the basics to be frank (ECE). X gave a smile.

Y: Tell me about your mini project.

Me: Told.

Y: Did you implement your project anywhere?

Me: Yes sir, I implemented on my computer itself (:) :) I did not).

X: (Just now he came from computer, took my resume). So tell me something about your mini project.

Me: Told again.

X: Why did you choose ECE?

Me: It has multiple advantages. WE can divert either towards hardware or else towards software side.

X: So are you interested towards software?

Me: Yes sir, I am very much interested.

Y: Ok, we are done. You may leave.

I went out. I was again called by the interviewers. I was asked my full name and I was asked to submit back my resume.

The next day, I was informed that I was having only HR pending (no MR :). Yahoo).

HR: (Only one lady).

I wished her and I was asked my resume.

HR: So, what were you asked in your verbal test?

ME: (unexpected). Told clearly and explained regarding my email.

HR: What is most interesting feature of ISRO? (I kept in resume regarding my visit to ISRO).

Me: I explained regarding the greener, constructions and launch pads. She was satisfied.

HR: What is ISRO's recent launch?

Me: (Shocked). I don't know mam.

HR: Don't know? (serious expression). Just think for a while you will get it.

Me: I thought (I don't know anything regarding that :D). Again I told sorry mam, I don't know.

HR: (Seriously). Don't you know regarding the issue which made our country popular. Don't you have the habit of reading newspapers? (Seriously).

Me: Smiled and told Sorry mam, I don't have the habit. Sorry for not updating myself with such news.

HR: What do you know about TCS (seriously)?

ME: Told.

HR: What is TCS presently working on?

Me: Told.

HR: What is cloud in cloud computing (though I am from ECE).

ME: Mass storage of data.

HR: So, tell me, what is the problem faced by cloud servers though it is not the question to be asked to you, just have a trial and answer me?

Me: Thought and thought and told security of data can't be ensured.

HR: Excellent (Thank god, I satisfied her). You were having a very good knowledge on all the other things excluding the issue which lead to the pride of our country.  (:D).

Me: I smiled and again apologized her for not updating myself with such news.

Finally, I was asked regarding relocating (Got confidence that I will be placed), I was explained regarding 2 years bond (Yahoo). I was told that my background will be checked (I got confirmation that I will be placed :) ).

This is how my interview went. Just be confident and have a smile especially during stress times.

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