Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Hyderabad, Dec 18, 2015

Hi guys. This is Ravi from Mechanical department. I attended TCS off campus placement recently and it was full on good experience. Wanna share it with you people.

On Dec 7th we have written TCS online test and the results were out after 3 days. The paper was bit tough and that might be the reason the cut off got lessened. Questions were mostly on numbers and distance problems, geometry, probability, speed etc and I'm sure if you were prepared with TCS previous papers you will be done with it.

The second round was scheduled on 17th, that's TR and MR. It went on till night and it follows like this,

T - Technical Interviewer.
I - Me.

I - Good afternoon sir.
T - (he went to order goy and speaking I was still standing and staring at him)

At last he saw me and told to sit down.

T - He came and asked me to tell me about project.
I - Explained it shiveringly.

T - What's heat treatment?
I - Told.

T - What's needed for a better organisation?
I - First employees should be satisfied then the organisation will automatically settles.

T - Asked me few mechanical questions.
I - Told 13 out of 23.

T - Do you know Java? tell me about overriding overloading and real life examples.
I - Overriding told and explained with a bank is example overloading nervously told example, but not explained.

T - What about example of overloading?
I - Don't no sir.

T - What is abstraction?
I - Told about abstract methods (in tension wrong answer)

T - I asked you abstraction not methods.
I - Don't know sir.

T - What's the top class of Java?
I - Object sir.

T - How to establish connection to database?
I - Told Class, forname, resultset object etc.

T - Package of connection object?
I - Lang package (wrong answer) it's until.

T - Then what's default package?
I - Lang package.

T - You may leave now.
I - Thank you sir.

My TR and MR handled by single interviewer.

Atlast evening 6, I came to know that I cleared and entered HR (thank god).

On 18th we have got our HR round.

I - May I get in Mam?
HR - Please take your seat.
I - Good afternoon Mam, how you doing?

HR - I'm good, how about you?
I - Fine Mam.

HR - Give me your resume and tell me your interests.
I - Writing lyrics, singing, playing cricket.

HR - Oh, who is your favourite cricketer?
I - Virender Sehwag.

HR - What are the similarities between you and Sehwag?
I - (clean bowled as I didn't expect that) Mam I think Sehwag plays selflessly as he hits a six when he is at 294 so he plays for team not for personal records so I think it might be a quality that I can match.

HR - OK, What's your family?
I - Told.

HR - Ready to relocate? and bond details etc?
I - Yes Mam sure.

HR - You can leave.
I - Asked her about maintree event of TCS.

HR - Explained in detail (so nice of her)

Thanks mam, nice talking to you Mam.

I am waiting for the mail. All the best guys. They will check our confidence and honesty even aggregate.

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