TCS Interview Experience - Bhubaneswar, December 14, 2015

Dear TCS Aspirants,

This is my TCS-OFF Campus interview experience.
Written date: Dec 02, 2015.

Result out & interview call: Dec 07, 2015.
Interview on Dec 14, 2015.

T.R & M.R:
1. Intro.
Me - Delivered.

2. WAP to retrieve data 3 students from an array of 10 students.
Me - Sorry.

3. Explain about WINDOWS and its version.
Me - Explained.

4. What is Transformer ? types ?
Me - Told.

5. What is difference between 1KB and 1Kb ? 1GB ?
Me - Told.

6. WAP for bubble sort and selection sort and explain with example.
Me - Wrote.

7. How 2*3 and 3*4 matrix can be multiplied ?
Me - Told.

8. Do you know data structure ?
Me - NO.

9. How electric current can flow through waves ?
Me - Yes sir theoretically possible but practically it's difficult. but its renewable energy generation coming forward bla bla bla....

10. What is that I use to see black & round attached on the towers? 
Me - INSULATOR and its use.

11. What is an alternator ?
Me - Told.

12. What is the difference between alternator and generator ?
Me - Told.

13. Do you have Any question(note- Do ask any question to them this will get you a good impact on them).
Me - Asked.

H.R : 
We are 8 members in the HR cabin, we all asked for intro. He was so friendly. 

Whom you have GF/BF ?
You will get bald joining TCS be cautious.

He continuously tried to demotivate don't join TCS go for gov. jobs. 

Any problem with relocation ?
What is written in terms and condition of TCS application form(note: Do read that stuffs)?

Current news on TCS ?
Have you visited TCS website ?

OK you all can leave for the day, We will send you offer letter via campus commune.
Good luck.

TIPS: Focus on your branch subjects(any 2), basic C/C++ program, DS. Be natural and don't bluff, say politely if you do not know.

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