TCS Interview Experience - HYDERABAD, Dec 2, 2015

Hi all,

TCS conducts 3 rounds.

1) Written test (Email writing and Aptitude):

Email=10 min (just use all the words given in question).
For aptitude (30 Questions - 80 minutes)

Prepare from Campusgate and I got almost 13-14 questions from campus-gate website. Rest is your talent. Prepare formulas from R. S. Aggarwal. I attempted 22 out of 30 questions and I cleared the test and our exam is bit tough and people who attempted 15 also got selected. 

So attempting > = 20 questions is best then you will be safe.

2) Technical + MR: 

( I am from EEE department)

- Tell me about yourself?

- Tell me about your favourite subjects in engineering? (compulsory prepare at-least 2 subjects) for ECE they asked on microprocessor.

Don't expect that I kept software courses in resume so he will not ask questions from core (it depends on panel so be prepared and also basics from core).

- What is capacitor and what is the use of capacitor in fan?

- What is the condenser?

- What motor is used in fan?

- Which is having high resistance in colours?

- What is ohm's law?

- What is newton's first law?

He didn't asked me questions in C.

In java he asked, 

- What is encapsulation?

- What is polymorphism?

- What is inheritance and its use?

- What is abstraction and single and multi level abstraction?

- Access specifiers?

- What is collection and what is the advantage?

- What is stack and queue?

- What is JDBC?

- Tell about tomcat server?

- Primary key in SQL?

- WRITE A PROGRAM ON How to open a file in Java?

- Which version of HTML is used?

- Tell me about your project?
I didn't get selected and for some panels they just asked programs on palindrome and swapping without using third variable.

Be careful while preparing resume because if you are putting anything in resume that means you are telling interviewers to ask questions on that.

Those who cleared TR + MR, they asked to come on next day for HR.

3) HR Round:

(Though I didn't  go to HR round I asked my friends about HR round)

- Tell me about yourself?

If you are from non it then they will compulsory ask,

- You are from EEE then why software?

- Why TCS?

- What are your hobbies?

- Why should I hire you?

- Is TCS a product based company and tell about products?

- Tell about TCS?

- On what projects TCS is currently working?

- Who is the CEO, Vice chairman, founder, revenue, profit?

- Who are the competitors for TCS?

<< If you are attending while you are having backlogs then be prepared with the 
reason for the backlog >>

Hope this will help you.


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