TCS On Campus Interview Experience - Kolkata, September 1, 2015

Although it was a cakewalk for many of us. Almost 750 appeared for the test and 606 qualified and out of that 508 got placed and almost everyone from ECE, CSE and IT got placed But let me share my views on that.

1 - Aptitude test:

RS agarwal, IndiaBix are enough to crack TCS aptitude. You will get lot of common sums if you practice from those sites.

The apti mainly consists of Number System, Permutation Combination, probability, Algebra, Percentage, Time and Work, Geometry.

2 - Technical test:

Most important round in TCS. They will ask you from those subjects which you have put in your CV. So put all those subject on which you can handle the counter question. Being a ECE student I gave microprocessor, C and java as I love coding. They ask all the question from java and C. Please don't pretend that you know if you don't know any answers just confess without wasting their time.

- What do you mean by null pointer and void pointer?

The other question was from inheritance, jvm, class, object. I gave almost all the answers.

I was lucky that my panel was good as compared to others. It lasted for almost 15 mins.

Try to give TO THE POINT answer. They may ask basic question from your departmental subject, so be prepared. Programming like recursion using pointer, recursion of string palindrome, recursion of sum of n numbers, recursion using fibonacci, sorting may come as they normally don't give easy programs like factorial, prime, fibbo etc.

BE HONEST IF you DON'T KNOW. One of my friends got placed by saying 'I don't know'.

Of all the question they asked. SO DON'T WASTE THEIR TIME. It creates a bad impression.

3 - MR AND HR:

If you get selected in technical then you have 99% chance to get selected for TCS if you don't make any blunder. As TCS are our mass recruiter so we have 15 candidates in one panel for HR round. Our HR lasted for 3 hrs. Our HR was not good. KEY points.

- DON'T BECOME AGGRESSIVE if you have been humiliated they check your patience.

- Show your interest in TCS.

- Positive approach.

Hope for the best.

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