General Knowledge Quiz 5 - Competitive Exams - SSC/Other Exams

1. Which of the following is the petroleum wax ?
(A) Bees wax
(B) Carnauba wax
(C) Paraffin wax
(D) Jojoba wax

2. Which of the following fibres is generally preferred for making gauze and lint ?
(A) Cotton
(B) Rayon
(C) Nylon
(D) Terylene

3. Rubber is coagulated from latex by adding —
(A) Hydrochloric acid
(B) Acetic acid
(C) Sulphuric acid
(D) Carbonic acid

4. Paper is manufactured by —
(A) Wood and resin
(B) Wood, Sodium and Bleaching powder
(C) Wood and bleaching powder
(D) Wood, Calcium, hydrogen sulphate and resin

5. Which synthetic fibre is known as artificial silk ?
(A) Cotton
(B) Rayon
(C) Terylene
(D) Nylon

6. Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of —
(A) Iron oxide
(B) Cupric oxide
(C) Nickel oxide
(D) Cobalt oxide

7. The combustible material at the tip of a safety match stick is —
(A) Sulphur
(B) Manganese dioxide
(C) Phosphorus
(D) Antimony sulphide

8. Which of the following roofs provide better protection against fire ?
(A) Cement slab
(B) Asbestos sheet
(C) Reinforced concrete
(D) None of these

9. The material used for bleaching paper pulp is —
(A) Chlorine
(B) Caustic soda
(C) Sodium Hypochlorite
(D) Lime

10. Which of the following is a protein ?
(A) Wool
(B) Starch
(C) Natural rubber
(D) Cellulose

1. (C)
2. (B)   
3. (B)
4. (D)
5. (B)
6. (D)
7. (D)
8. (B)
9. (C)
 10. (C)

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