Reasoning Quiz 43 - Competitive Exams - IBPS/SSC/RRB/Banking Exams

Directions (1-7): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Eight friends P, Q, R, S, T, U, W and Z are sitting around a circular tables facing to the centre. There are three males and five females in the group of friends. No two males are immediate neighbors of each other.
·   T sits second to right of his wife.
·   R sits third to right of W.
·   Q sits second to the right of P.
·   S is a male and W is not an immediate neighbors of T.
·   U sits second to right of her husband Z.
·   Z is not an immediate neighbor of T’s wife.

Now answer the following questions-
1.  Who amongst the following sits exactly between T and Z?
(1) P                                                           (2) R
(3) Q                                                           (4) U
(5) Z

2.   Which of the following is not true regarding S?
(1) S is not an immediate neighbor of Z wife
(2) P sits second to the right of S.
(3) No male is immediate neighbor of S.
(4) The one who sits third to the left of S is a male.
(5) None of these

3.  How many person sits between T and R when we counted in anti-clockwise direction form?
(1) None                                   (2) One
(3) Two                                     (4) Three
(5) Four

4. Who amongst the following has a male sitting to the immediate left and right both?
(1) P                                                           (2) Q
(3) R                                                           (4) W
(5) None of these

5.  Which of the following pairs represent the immediate neighbor of W?
(1) PQ                                        (2) UW
(3) UZ                                        (4) TW
(5) None of these

6. Who amongst the following is T’s wife?
(1) Q                                           (2) S
(3) P                                           (4) W
(5) None of these

7.  What is the position of S with respect to Z?
(1) Second to the left          (2) Second to the right
(3) Immediate to the right
(4) Immediate to the left
(5) Third to the right


1-5,         2-2,            3-4,              4-5,              5-3,               6-2,          7-1


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