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1. The metal whose salts are sensitive to light is
A. Zinc
B. Silver
C. Copper
D. Aluminium

2. The Central Rice Research Station is situated in
A. Chennai
B. Cuttack
C. Bangalore
D. Quilon

3. The first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission was
A. Dr.C.V.Raman
B. Dr.H.J.Bhabha
C. Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
D. Dr.Vickram Sarabhai

4. Pink city in India is
A. Mysore
B. Karnataka
C. Hyderabad
D. Jaipur

5. The famous Integral Coach Factory(ICF) for the manufacture of railway coaches are situated at
A. Kolkata
B. Borivilli
C. Perambur
D. Chittaranjan

6. Deficiency of Iron leads to
A. Rickets
B. Malaria
C. Dental Cavity
D. Anaemia

7. The state which has desert in India is
A. Rajasthan
B. Punjab
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Madhya Pradesh

8. The headquarters of the coffee board of India is
A. Mysore
B. Kolkata
C. Bangalore
D. Cochin

9. D.D.T. was invented by
A. Mosley
B. Rudeolf
C. Karl Benz
D. Dalton

10. Which is considered as the biggest port of India?
A. Kolkata
B. Cochin
C. Chennai
D. Mumbai

11. The gas used for making vegetables is
A. Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen

12. The chief ore of Aluminium is
A. Iron
B. Cryolite
C. Bauxite
D. Haematite

13. Sharavati projects is in
A. Orissa
B. Kerala
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Karnataka

14. In which of the following states in English the Official Language?
A. Orissa
B. Nagaland
C. Kerala
D. Tripura

14. Which gas is used for the preparation of Soda water
A. Oxygen
B. Ammonia
C. Hydrogen
D. Carbon Dioxide

15. Who among the following appoints the Prime Minister of India?
A. Lok Sabha
B. Rajya Sabha
C. President of India
D. Chief Justice of Supreme Court

16. The most important river of Orissa is
A. Bramaputra
B. Godaveri
C. Mahanadi
D. Sharavathi

15. The language spoken by the people by Pakistan is
A. Hindi
B. Palauan
C. Sindhi
D. Nauruan

15. Gir National Park is situated in
A. Bihar
B. Allahabad
C. West Bengal
D. Gujarat

16. Madharasas are the schools of
A. Jain
B. Hindus
C. Muslims
D. Christians

17. Shore temple is located at
A. Calicut
B. Sanapur
C. Patna
D. Mahabalipuram

18. The highest peak in South India is
A. Everest
B. Doddabetta
C. Nilgiri hills
D. Anaimudi

19. Red Cross was founded by
A. A.Cursetji
B. Badel Powell
C. J.H.Durant
D. Trygve Lie

20. The gas used to extinguish fire, is 
A.  Carbon Monoxide
B.  Neon
C.  Nitrogen
C.  Nitrogen

21. The largest part of the human brain is 
A.  Cerebellum
B.  Midbrain
C.  Cerebrum

22. The smallest cells in the human body are 
A.  Muscle cells
B.  Nerve cells
C.  Blood cells

23. The number of ribs in Human Body is 
A. 12
B. 18
C. 20
D. 24

24. The biggest oil refinery in India is at 
A.  Mathura
B.  Koyali
C.  Digboi

25. Who is Tania Sachdev? 
A.  Actress
B.  Chess Player
C.  Dancer
C.  Dancer

26. Jamini Roy was a famous 
A.  Dancer
B.  Actor
C.  Producer
C.  Painter

27. Loktak lake is located in 
A.  Orissa
B.  Manipur
C.  Tripura
C.  Tripura

28. ——— forms the liquid part of the blood. 
C.  HB

29. The ignition temperature of white phosphorous is 
A.  30 K
B.  30°C
C.  30°F
C.  30°F
30. 1 HP is equal to ——– watt 
A.  526
B.  556
C.  726
C.  736

31. Stethoscope was invented by 
A.  Dunlop
B.  Lainnec
C.  Bessemer
C.  René Laennec

32. The last British Governor General was 
A. Rajaji
B. Lord Canning
C. Warren Hastings
C. Lord Mount Batten

33. The mineral in which India depends largely on imports is 
A.  Iron Ore
B.  Bauxite
C.  Mica
C.  Mecury
34. The last Mughal Emperor was 
A.  Akbar
B.  Bahadur Shah
C.  NoorJehan

35. The longest mountain range in the world is 
A.  The Alps
B.  The Himalayas
C.  The Andes

36. The most populous city in the world is 
A. Paris
B. London
C. Peking
C. Tokyo, Japan

37. The largest desert of the world is 
A.  Iraq
B.  Egypt
C.  Israel
C.  sahara

38. The Emblem of U.N.O is 
A.  Tiger
B.  Red Cross
C.  White Dove
D.  Olive Branch

39. The National Game of India is 
A. Football
B. Tennis
C. Cricket
C. Hockey

40. Which of the following colours in the visible spectrum has maximum range? 
A.  Orange
B.  Indigo
C.  Violet
D.  Red

41. Which of the following gases is lighter than air? 
A.  Oxygen
B.  Ammonia
C.  Carbon Dioxide

42. The metal used in storage batteries is 
A.  Iron
B.  Copper
C.  Lead

43. Which of the following is the lighest gas? 
A. Ammonia
B. Carbon Dioxide
C. Nitrogen
D.  Hydrogen

44. The largest planet of the solar system is 
A.  Mars
B.  Earth
C.  Jupiter
D.  Jupiter

45. The hottest planet is 
A.  Venus
B.  Mercury
C.  Saturn
D.  Saturn

46. The fastest planet is 
A.  Venus
B.  Mercury
C.  Saturn
D.  Jupiter

47. National Institute of Unani Medicine is situated at 
A.  Bangalore
B.  Jaipur
C.  Pune

48. The primary egg membrane of a mammal is called 
A. Theca
B. Jelly layer
C. Jelly envelop
D. Zona pellucida

49. The driest place in India is 
A.  Bikaner
B.  Leh
C.  Barmer
 D.  Jaisalmer

50. The main river in Sikkim is 
A.  Tista
B.  Jaldhaka
C.  Torsa

51. City which is famous for its magnificient harbour is 
A.  Manchester
B.  Helsinki
C.  Kimberley
D.  Lisbon

52. The largest Island in the Indian Ocean is 
A.  Maldives
B.  Sumatra
C.  Sri Lanka
D.  Madagascar

53. The natural seaport in eastern coast of India is 
A. Calcutta
B. Chennai
C. Tuticorin
D. Vishakhapatnam

54. Which of the following metals was not known to Indus Valley people? 
A.  Bronze
B.  Copper
C.  Silver
D.  Iron

55. Swaraj as a national demand was first made by 
A.  Jawaharlal Nehru
B.  Bal Gangadhar Tilak
C.  Dadabhai Naoroji
56. The crop most susceptible to frost is 
A.  Red Gram
B.  Black Gram
C.  Cotton
D.  Wheat

57. The maximum fixation of solar energy is done by 
A.  Bacteria
B.  Green plants
C.  Fungi

58. The botanical name of wheat plant is 
A.  Oryza sativa
B.  Ricinus communis
C.  Pisum sativum
D. Triticum vulgare

59. Electrons were discovered by 
A.  Newton
B.  Chadwick
C.  J.J. Thompson

60. The currency of Bangladesh is 
A. Taka
B. Riyal
C. Dollar

61. The alcohol used in the preparation of dynamite is 
A.  Glycerol
B.  Glycol
C.  Methyl alcohol
D.  glycerol

62. The lens used to rectify long sight is 
A.  Concave lens
B.  Plano concave lens
C.  Convex lens

63. The unit currency used in Germany is 
A. Rial
B. Yen
C. Krones
D. Euro

64. Megalaya State was created on 
A.  1960
B.  1962
C.  1966
D.  1972

65. The term Lok Sabha is normally 
A.  2 years
B.  4 years
C.  5 years

65. The Headquarters of SAARC is 
A. Dhaka
B. New Delhi
C. Kathmandu, Nepal
66. The first synthetic fibre made by man was 
A.  Polyester
B.  Rayon
C.  Terycott
D.  Nylon

67. Which variety of Glass is heat resistant? 
A.  Pyrex Glass
B.  Flint Glass
C.  Hard Glass

68. Which of the following is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors? 
A. Cadmium
B. Graphite
C. Heavy water
D. Liquid sodium 
69. Which Indian state is the largest producer of pepper? 
A.  Karnataka
B.  Tamil Nadu
C.  Kerala

71. The Kakarpara project is on the river 
A.  Tabi
B.  Narmada
C.  Kosi

72. Jaldapara Sanctuary is located in 
A.  Madhya Pradesh
B.  Tamil Nadu
C.  Assam
D. West Bengal

73. Which of the following is known as the Holy Land? 
A. Mecca
B. Palestine
C. Naples
74. Which of the following is a cold blooded animal? 
A.  Whale
B.  Otter
C.  Tortoise
75. Delhi became the capital of India in 
A.  1911
B.  1912
C.  1916

76. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born in the year 
A. 1889
B. 1899
C. 1900

77. The Judges of the Supreme Court can be removed by 
A.  Prime Minister
B.  Law Minister
C.  Parliament
D.  President

78. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity? 
A.  Rain water
B.  Ordinary water
C.  Sea water
79. Sambhar Lake is situated in 
A.  Madhya Pradesh
B.  Rajasthan
C.  Gujarat

80. The smallest Union Territory is 
A.  Andaman & Nicobar Islands
B.  Pondicherry
C.  Lakshadweep

81. Sahara Desert is in 
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Europe
C. Europe

82. Mycology is the study of 
A.  Fungi
B.  Virus
C.  Hydrilla

83. Television was discovered by 
A.  Bohr
B.  Becquerrel
C.  J.L. Baird


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