Questions asked in RRB NTPC 18th January 2017

Hello Aspirants,

We are sharing list of Questions were asked in RRB NTPC 2016-17 which was held on 18-01-2017. Just have a look on it you know the question paper standard level. Give a comment regarding Question paper on this article.

  1. Nobel peace prize 2016
  2. Gsat 18 satellite
  3. Rowaltt act pass in which year? - 1919
  4. Copa america cup winner country -Chile  
  5. isro was set up in which year -1969
  6. Which veda consist medicine knowledge?
  7. Largest fresh water lake of Asia
  8. Hypothalamus gland from which part []
  9. Who is New RBI Governer Pranab Mukherji s the ____ th President of India
  10. Minimum Age of Governor of State
  11. WHo was the first speaker of Lok Sabbha
  12. What is escape velocity
  13. Leader of Majority in Lok Sabha is....
  14. Cause of Utrakhand Fire
  15. Why was home rule movement was organised
  16. Which country got independence from Britain in 1986,[]
  17. Which of the following island not in lakkadeep - ammini / niel / minicoye / kavarrati
  18. Who is the Leader of the lower house (Lok Sabha)
  19. total railway station in india
  20. railtel is a??
  21. railfire is related to??
  22. which state have not international boundary punjab hariyana himachal gujarat
  23. hubbles rule related to
  24. NGT stop the project in asham or arunachal for which bird saving
  25. what is the opposite of electron
  26. gyroscope principle use in
  27. payment bank which activity do not performed