Questions asked in SSC CHSL 18th January 2017 Tier 1

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We are sharing list of Questions were asked in SSC CHSL 2016-17 which was held on 18-01-2017. Just have a look on it you know the question paper standard level. Give a comment regarding Question paper on this article.

First Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 18th January 2017 (Shift 1)
  1. Battle of terrain : 1191 b/w ghori and pruthviraj chouhan
  2. Apoorvi chandela related to which sport
  3. One question related to Vitamin A
  4. Writer of broken wings books
  5. singer of jag ghhumeya song?
  6. Spider belongs to which class. 
  7. How many times kangna ranaut got national award .
  8. Name of first satallite
  9. Second world war 
  10. Acceleration due to gravity at a distance 2R from the surface of the earth?
  11. Sakshi malik date of birth. : 3 sept 1992
Quantitative Aptitude questions:
  • 1+sin A/1-sin A=?
  • Cos 240
  • 1/√1+tan^2x=? Cosx
  • If 25% is decreases then what % to be increase to retain original price

Second Shift Questions

GK Questions Asked on 18th January 2017 (Shift 2)

  1. civil disobedience movement - 12 march 1930
  2. raw full form : research analysis wing 
  3. Alexader birth year
  4. Chloroprene , neoprene, isoprene are rubber related
  5. Akbar belongs to which dynesty
  6. Author of " Arabian nights'
  7. binary no of 101
  8. scientific name of Carrot & onion
  9. Capital of purtgal
  10. Rocket inventor
  11. 1st indian to score triple 100 in test
  12. Who is the singer in the film :Sultan
  13. Madrid the capital of which country :Spain
  14. Atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere. Represent this n Venn diagram

English Questions Asked: 
  • Streak synonym
  • Vigour antonym

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