SSC MTS Questions asked on 17-09-2017 Shift 1

Dear Aspirants, Today we are sharing question asked on SSC MTS Exam which was held on 17th September 2017.  These questions are the memory based questions from the appeared candidates.  If anyone want to share question please send to us our official mail id or comment on comment section. 

SSC MTS Questions asked on 17-09-2017 Shift 1

SSC MTS Shift –I, 17-09-2017

1. How many writs are there in the constitution? Five
2. "Ace" word is related to which game? Tennis
3. What is nephron? functional units in the kidney
4. Who is the Writer of unaccustomed earth book? Jhumpa Lahiri
5. How many layers of environment? Five
6. Who Discovered Venn Diagram? John Venn
7. Who established Azad hind fauj? Subhas Chandra Bose, Rash Behari Bose
8. Which of the folloing is luminous body? Planets, Starts, Sun, burning Candle? Planets
9. What is the cover  of air around the earth is Called? Atmosphere
10. Who discovered cathode rays? J. J. Thomson
11. Soda ash is also known as? Sodium Carbonate
12. Which of the following is not part of Indian gov.?
13. One question related to Pradhan mantri jivan jyoti bima yojna
14. Question on factor of production.
15. 90 degree latitude is known as ? Poles

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